Dr. Sally Thomas

Dr. Sally Thomas is the Director of International Services for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, responsible for strategic engagement with international health organisations and blood services.

Dr. Thomas provides leadership to three global blood network secretariats: the Alliance of Blood Operators (ABO), Asia Pacific Blood Network (APBN), and the Red Cross Global Advisory Panel on Corporate Governance and Risk Management (GAP).  She leads the annual international benchmarking and horizon scanning programs for the ABO and APBN networks, which represent a combined total of over 100 blood operator members, collecting 47.5 million units of blood for a total population of 1,079 million people.  These programs leverage international collaboration to identify performance, trends and emerging themes which may be used domestically for performance improvement and informing strategic direction.

She also leads the Blood Service’s International Humanitarian Program which actively and tangibly supports developing blood services through provision of clinical and technical leadership in policy and program development.  Dr. Thomas has led major development programs in Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, India and Papua New Guinea. Dr. Thomas was the lead technical consultant for an 8-year PEPFAR program in Cambodia, which included a country wide assessment, development and implementation of new National Blood Policies and Strategic Blood Plans.  Together with other international partners, she led the teams that designed, constructed and validated three new blood centre facilities in Cambodia.

Dr. Thomas has a medical and health administration background, with over 25 years’ experience in blood banking.  Prior to joining the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, she practiced as a private and hospital clinician and lecturer of medical students at the University of Western Australia.

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