Prof. Narazah Mohd Yusoff

Narazah Mohd Yusoff graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. She obtained her Diploma in Clinical Pathology and Masters of Science (Medicine) from University of London, UK. Subsequently, she obtained her PhD from Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan under the prestigious RONPAKU Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship in 2003.

She started her career as a haematopathologist and then was promoted along the years up to the post of Professor of Haematology in 2013.

She has published numerous articles in national and international journals in the fields of molecular and clinical haematology, medical genetics and transfusion medicine. She has supervised and graduated students in Masters and PhD. She has had many grants locally and internationally.

She is currently the Senior Consultant Haematopathologist in Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She is also the co-Chairperson of Research and Ethics Committee of USM, Visiting Professor, Newcastle University, UK, and Adjunct Professor, Xinxiang Medical University (XXMU), Xinxiang, China. Her research interests are oncogenic fusion genes and red cell disorders.

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